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im using it now! you should try :)


Avon’s BB Cream 

BB cream or Blemish Balm Cream has got to be one of the hottest make up product in the world to date. And to to tell you honestly, I didn’t know a thing about BB cream until I googled it a few minutes ago. HAHA.

It has SPF, moisturizing properties and gives complete coverage. 

Anyway, I have been using it since August. I always order some of the make-up products I use from Avon. I have been using their concealer and mascara. And when I saw this BB cream and saw that it has SPF, I ordered it immediately. Freckles/Dark spots have started showing on my face and I just have to stop it.

I love the effect it has on my face. It has a smoother finish than any other concealer/foundation I have used in my entire life. Unlike some concealers that leave your face pasty or cake-y but with BB cream, it makes your skin look rosy/pinkish. 

And Avon product are very affordable. I think this cream is more or less Php250. 

BB cream is such an amazing product to have. It’s a must-have.

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